Bełchatów is located directly at the national road 74, connected to the motorways A1 and A2 as well as important international airports in Warsaw (1.5 hours) and Łódź (45 min)

One Stop Shop – Investor Relations Manager

• Quick contact with one person – Investor Relation Manager.
• Quick and efficient transmission of individually prepared information.
• Substantive and technical support at all stages of the investment process.
• Flexibility of time and place of the meetings.

Bełchatów City offers you complete support in investment procedure.
We shall appoint an assistant for you who will go through all inconvenient office visits for you,
helping to obtain all necessary decisions and approvals.

Investor Relations Manager
Marzena Polak

City Development Department

phone: +48 44 733 51 45
mobile: +48 691 057 679

Competitive prices

Competitive prices

covered by Local Spatial Development Plan

zł per sq m (excl. VAT)


Human capital of the City


of the population are people of the pre-working and working age (up to 64)

 2 technical secondary schools

 3 basic vocational schools

 3 general secondary schools

 2 universities


High level of public aid

Real property tax exemptions

 area covered by Lodz Special Economic Zone

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